Astron Project

The Astron Project is an ambitious, long-term plan to settle the remote Astron Sector of space far spinward of the Spinward Marches. Surveys conducted hundreds of years ago by Imperial probes indicate the presence of at least three habitable planets within the sector.

The concept behind the project is to re-establish the Sword Worlds identity and culture far beyond any known spacefaring civilization, but this time avoid the bickering and technological stagnation which has plagued the Sword Worlds since their foundation. Pursuant to this plan, the best and brightest scientists and engineers are being recruited as colonists so that technology may continue flourish in the newly established colonies. More thought is also being given to a more central government, which will avoid the bickering and warfare which has defined Sword World history.

It is imagined that after the first wave of colonization goes through, a corridor will be left open so that others may follow.

The project is largely crowd funded, and is run by a non-governmental trust that has been collecting donations and holding them against the day when the project is fully funded and ships and equipment may be purchased. The project is still short of its funding goal, but is rumored to be growing close.

Astron Project

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