Brynn Avgrunn Base

Brynn Avgrunn Base was formerly known as Base-212. Base-212 orbited a rogue planet known as Koldsvart and was a highly secret base that sat relatively equidistant between Narsil, Anduril, and Orcrist with Enos. Prior to, and during the Fifth Frontier War Base 212 was used as a staging area to allow the Jump-2 limited ships of the Sword Worlds Confederation to make forays to Caladbolg, and also allowed ships to reach Enos without having to take the Jump-2 corridor through Beater. The base allowed ships to refuel, but otherwise had limited resources.

Base-212 was discovered and destroyed by the Imperium during the war.

Since the location has become known, the Confederation has elected to rebuild the base in the open, and allow civilian ships to use the base; thus giving Sword Worlds ships access to Enos, and from there into District 268. It is now known as Brynn Avgrunn Base, and has just recently opened to civilian use. The base has some limited services, but they are expensive.

Jumping to a rogue world is a challenge for any Astrogator, and caution is recommended.


Brynn Avgrunn Base

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