A rich, non-industrial, agricultural world in the Sword Worlds Subsector of the Spinward Marches. Colada has a normal climate with a standard oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. Colada contains vast pastures given over to the rearing of beef cattle. The population is thinly spread about the planet.

Colada has two stars, the primary Rodrigo and its companion Bivar. Colada orbits at a distance of 0.73 AU. Colada has a single small moon, Minaya. The capital city is Foernyelseborg, located on the eastern coast of the small continent Hjalmaren. The world’s starport is located several kilometers north of Foernyelseborg.

Colada is a member of the Sword Worlds Confederation and was once one of the most important worlds in the subsector. Colada was part of the Triple Dominion, but a civil war in 212 erupted into a nuclear exchange that devastated both the planet’s population as well as its environment, with the effects continuing to linger almost a thousand years later, resulting in its Amber Zone classification.

Colada’s most prized export is its elite mercenary force, the Champion’s Guard. This force numbers 50,000 and is available in whole or part to anyone willing to pay. Stoedel Base is a large military base just north of Foernyelseborg, used as a training facility for the Champion’s Guard.


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