Dallia is a medium sized world within the District-268 Subsector. It has a dense atmosphere composed of highly corrosive chlorine and hydrogen. Its oceans are, in effect, hydrochloric acid in high concentration. Dallia is an Imperial Client State.

The residents of Dallia live in an underground city built long ago by unknown beings. Experts have concluded that it is not of Ancient construction. The people of Dallia are capable of maintaining the equipment, and lead a, more or less, self-sufficient existence. Dallians export industrial chemicals which are processed from the planets nasty atmosphere and oceans.

While the people of Dallia are, understandably, very safety conscious, they otherwise have a free and easy society. The Control Rating has been assigned as 1.

Dallia has no gas giants but does have a good quality Class IV Starport. Most ships dock at the advanced and Imperial run Highport rather than expose themselves to the corrosive atmosphere. Dallia has a fleet of shuttles designed to resist the atmosphere that transport goods and people between the Highport and the Downport.


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