A corporate governed world in the Sword Worlds subsector of the Spinward Marches, located along the trailing border with the Imperium.

Dyrnwyn was formerly a member of the Sword Worlds Confederation. During the Fifth Frontier War, Dyrnwyn was invaded by Imperial troops on 233-1109 as part of Operation Azhanti Sunrise. Following the defeat of Sword Worlds forces, Dyrnwyn came under Imperial occupation and in 1110 was among the border systems that broke off from the Confederation to create the pro-Imperial client state called the Border Worlds Federation. In 1111 control of Dyrnwyn was returned to the Fortarn Conglomerate, the planet’s Gungnir-based corporate owners, as part of a post-war goodwill package.

Dyrnwyn is tidally locked to Rhydderch, its primary, despite sitting on the edge of the system’s habitable zone. The near side of the planet is mostly ocean with a temperate climate, while the far side is frozen with average temperatures at the cold pole nearing -51 degrees C.

Dyrnwyn contains three main continents: Joekullvetur, Ny Groenland, and Eghvass. Other major land masses include the coveted Jarthlaug Islands in the ocean circle, which contain the settlement of Katlar. Both the capital city of Svartgardur as well as Ahgharad Starport are located on the Joekullvetur continent.


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