Elixabeth is a low-gravity, cold planet with a very thin atmosphere tainted by carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide located in District-268 of the Spinward Marches. It circles the larger of two Type M red dwarf stars that make up this binary system. What little water the planet has remains frozen either in ice caps or as permafrost for most of its year.

Elixabeth remained uninhabited for most of the last several centuries until a development company established a large, terraformed, domed settlement across a larger crater on its surface. The habitat was then advertised to the inhabitants of Forine, and several thousand have settled on Elixabeth to start a new colony. The system remains, ostensibly, under the control of Forine, but some residents of Elixabeth have struggled for independence. The civil unrest has not yet risen to a level of violence that a traveller advisory is merited. Local prohibition of firearms has prevented the disruptions from becoming too bloody.

Elixabeth has a Technology Level of 8, and has some high tech factories where electronics and components are manufactured. The system has a small, but advanced, Class IV Starport with accompanying Highport. The highport and downport are not Imperial owned, and maintain a the same high level of control as among the civilian population. Firearms are not permitted.

The system has one gas giant named Bethany.


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