Empress Marava Far Trader

Far Traders earn their name with their Jump-2 capability. With “longer legs” than the somewhat more common Beowulf-class Free Trader, the Far Traders can service routes their brethren can’t reach.

The increased jump and fuel requirements mean that cargo capacity and stateroom numbers must suffer, but in some areas no other vessel will do the job as well. The ship is only profitable serving trade routes which take advantage of its increased range. A common practice is to hire a steward with some medical training in place of installing a sickbay, and to help insure the survival of low-berth passengers. As with the Free Trader, custom refittings are common.

They displace 200 tons, have a streamlined hull and usually have a crew of six. Ten staterooms are common, but some have more, or less, depending on after purchase modifications.


Empress Marava Far Trader

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