A rich agricultural world located in the Sword Worlds Subsector of the Spinward Marches. Joyeuse contains temperate plains and rolling hills, where cattle and other beasts are herded. The lifestyle of the majority of the inhabitants has changed little for centuries. Dry conditions and the Broedsaed Mange (a wide variety of fungal plagues) make it very difficult for Joyeuse to grow enough food to support even a small population. This has prevented Joyeuse from becoming more than a frontier world.

Joyeuse has two stars, the primary Karl and its companion, Gallas. Joyeuse has a 3:2 resonance orbit with its close primary at a distance of 0.06 AU. Joyeuse’s year is a scant 12 days long, which in combination with the planet’s slow rotation means that it goes through a very hot “daysummer” of constant sun and a freezing “nightwinter” of constant darkness.

The capital city of Virodby is located on the southern edge of the small continent of Arvildsvaten. Joyeuse’s starport, Svelund, is located on an island northwest of Virodby.

Joyeuse is a member of the Sword Worlds Confederation. Thoslinn, the next planet out from Joyeuse, is the site for the largest and most heavily fortified military base and training facility in the Confederation.

The quick day / night cycle, and bitter cold of the nights has prompted the Travellers’ Aid Society to give Joyeuse an Amber classification.


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