Mithril is in the Sword Worlds Subsector, on the far border of the Spinward Marches of the Imperium. Mithril is an average-sized world measuring 8000 kilometers in diameter, with a standard atmosphere and water covering 80% of the world surface. In actuality, the water which covers the surface of Mithril is mostly ice; ice-caps cover both poles, and much of the continental land mass is under a mantle of ice and snow. Mithril’s temperature rarely goes above freezing, as it orbits CN4335688, its F4 V primary, at a distance of 4.10 AU. Only the 2,486-day year allows for a long enough growing season to support plant life.

Mithril is listed in the directories as having no population, government, or law level; this is not entirely true. Mithril was one of the group of Metal Worlds held in reserve by the Sword Worlds Confederation for future development. To support that claim, a rudimentary Starport (type E, little more than an administration building next to a paved area) was maintained, along with a port warden responsible for establishing sovereignty. Formally Mithril thus had both population, government, and law, but with no way to enforce the law away from the administration building, the Scouts chose to ignore it.

When the Border Worlds were formed in 1111, the Metal Worlds went with them. The port warden was replaced by one appointed by the Border Worlds, but otherwise things remain the same.

The system has one gas giant.


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