A heavily industrialized, high-population and high-technology world located in the Sword Worlds Subsector of the Spinward Marches. Sacnoth has a normal climate and a standard oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere with a taint of unknown composition. The concentration of this substance, which is thought to cause cancers and other serious ailments in humans, varies in an unpredictable manner that has not yet been matched to any detectable phenomenon.

The Sacnoth system contains two stars: the primary Leothic and its companion, Tharagavverug. Sacnoth orbits at a distance of 1.80 AU and has two large moons. The planet has three continents, all joined by isthmuses. The largest continent, Eisufur, covers the the north pole and a third of the continent south past the equator to the 30th parallel. The continent Arathrion is approximately half the size of Eisufur but occupies a similar position in the southern hemisphere. The smallest continent, Erl, runs around a third of the planet between the 40th and 60th South latitude. The lake region of Erl, around the large inland sea of Harmeer, is the most heavily populated area of the planet and contains the capital city of Foerstaberg. Sacnoth’s starport, Istrakhan, is located off the western coast of Erl on the Halsband Islands in the Das Central Meer ocean.

Sacnoth was originally settled by dissidents from Gram in -294 and has since played an important role in the history of the Sword Worlds, often vying with Gram for leadership. Sacnoth was the capital seat of the Sacnoth Dominate which was founded in -186 and was the first interstellar government among the Sword Worlds. The Sacnoth Dominate disintegrated in -102, a casualty of the War of the First Rebellion, one of several internal conflicts with Gram. The Dominate fractured into several smaller governments, including the Sacnoth Confederacy, though none of these governments lasted long and within 25 years no interstellar government existed in the Sword Worlds and most trade ended for nearly 50 years after.

The Gram-Sacnoth War was waged from 98 to 104 and resulted in a stalemate; other Sword Worlds states moved in to balkanize Sacnoth and Gram, which had both been exhausted by the conflict. Sacnoth remained weak and divided until the Federated States of Sacnoth were formed in 364, once again unifying the planet. In 537 the Sacnoth Alliance was formed between Sacnoth and the Double Monarchy. In 604 the Sacnoth Dominate was reestablished as the Second Dominate, which lasted until 698 when it was overthrown by the Gram Coalition. The Gram coalition ruled until overthrown by the Trilateral Alliance, which included Sacnoth. The Trilateral Alliance ruled from 788-848, and dissolved into another period of interstellar anarchy which persisted until the current Sword Worlds government was founded in 852.

During the Fifth Frontier War Sacnoth raised and commanded one of the four naval fleets controlled by the Sword Worlds. The Sacnoth Fleet was assigned to guard the rim-trailing border of the Confederation, which includes the resource rich and uninhabited Metal Worlds. The Sacnoth Fleet was subsequently destroyed by the Imperial 214th Fleet in a decisive battle at Sting on 016-1110. Following the War Sacnoth seceded from the Sword Worlds Confederation to join the Imperial Client state known as the Border Worlds Confederation. This was a great loss to the Sword Worlds. After a shaky start, the population settled well under Imperial rule and Sacnoth was the first of the Border Worlds to be granted home rule, in 1114. Defense is handled mainly by local forces, though an Imperial Navy squadron is based on a moon of the gas giant Falka.


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