A rich planet and member of the Sword Worlds Confederation. Historically Tizon has been one of the most important of the Sword Worlds, and in the past it has built an empire big enough to make it a power almost comparable to Gram.

Today Tizon pours its energy towards trade, science, and art.

The System

Tizon has two stars, the primary El Cid, and its companion Bucar. Tizon orbits at a distance of 2.0 AU.

Tizon has two small moons, though neither have significant installations.

The Planet

Tizon has two continents: the larger one, Treskaginir, covers most of the northern hemisphere, while a smaller one, Noeglen, takes up half of the south. The world is rich in minerals, with mining communities scattered all over the planet.

Tizon has a dense oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere with almost perpetual cloud cover (only 10% of the planet receive direct sunlight at any given moment), resulting in a chilly climate.

Tizon was subject to a fairly successful terraforming program by the Darrians before being abandoned in the wake of the Maghiz disaster. As such, Tizon actually supports some of the last surviving populations of native Darrian species that are extinct on their own homeworld.

The capital city is Ny Eital; its Downport is Osgihamn Starport. The Tizon system also supports a Sword Worlds military base.

This is a small, chilly planet with a somewhat low global population which has settled near the equator. Tizon is rich in mineral wealth, and most settlements north of the 30th parallel are mining settlements. Tizon is an early experiment in Darrian terraforming which has resulted in a generally habitable world albeit very cloudy and rainy. Viewed from space, due to its cloud cover, Tizon is a bright white sphere. A typical location on Tizon only sees the sun about once a week. The people of Tizon are very commercially oriented and tend to dwell in larger cities. However, a surprisingly urbane and tolerant (for Sword Worlders) culture has developed on Tizon with active social and computer networks. Tizonians are probably the least conservative and hidebound of the Sword Worlders.


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