A normal climate world in the Sword Worlds Subsector of the Spinward Marches. Prior to the Fifth Frontier War, Tyrfing was a member of the Sword Worlds Confederation, but in the aftermath of the war Tyrfing became part of the Imperial Client state known as the Border Worlds Confederation.

Tyrfing is tidally locked to its primary, Angantyr, which it orbits at a distance of 0.08 AU. Its capital city, Munarvag, is located on the western edge of Dagmark, Tyrfing’s largest continent. A slapdash city, Brakigastad, has grown up around Tyrfing’s starport.

As a member of the Border Worlds Tyrfing is an important conduit for trade with the Sword Worlds Confederation.

Tyrfing has a military base and one gas giant. It has no planetoid belts.


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