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Thoslin Base to Enos

David Fogel: updated the character Árni Skúlason
Mark: updated the character Baldur Ulrichson
Ted: Hunolfr Brafnson
Fritz: ?

Oberst: Sveid Eksyn
Hunolfr (old!) is given a new mission, and assigned a new crew. His new crew includes Baldur Ulrichson, a famous commando of the 5th Frontier War from the Borderworlds.

Árni Skúlason — Fleet’s oldest constable. Known as a good engineer. > I must be in trouble.
Baldur Ulrichson -
intimidating man standing in parade rest.

Oberstløytnant Hunolfr Brafnson and Oberst Sveid Eksyn.

History of Fuzion and trap / disruption of operation.

Scout Courier “Shared Destiny” docked with the container vessel, boarded, crew killed with the exception of one suspect, Malcolm Hereford (Solomani) from Caliburn, hired on Collace.

Mission: Take Shared Destiny, adopt the role of their crew, find source of the drug. Drug is an attack against sword world military, and if possible the source needs to be stopped.

Faddrid Atte — Captain (Sword World)
Kerci Zsene — Co-pilot (Solmani)
Iggashii Yaashagiili — Engineer (Vilani)
Levi Eliyahu — Cargo Master (Solmani)

Fuzion disguised as Lodifil was already on board at Collace. May have come from tarsus prime(?)

Secret Base-212 deep space refueling station. Difficult jump, as there is no gravity well to pull out of hyperspace. Requires very precise astrogation.

Fake log entries of ship.

Secondary objectives
Download data from listening post in Datrillian system, located on outlying moon. (Tertiary: fix any needed issues discovered.)
Traitor [[:Sigurvin Torfison]], may be living on border world Beater, may have relocated to Bowman (asteroid belt). Tertiary: eliminate, on the way back.
Find suitable location in Collace system to deploy listening post. Install before arriving at Collace.
Nirton next to Datrillian. Interdicted by Imperium, something peeled off the surface of the planet!
5mm body pistol, DMG 1d+2 snapshot 9 accuracy 1; 1/2dmg range 90, max range 1200, RoF “up to 3” Holds 6 shots; recoil -1; holdout +2

Given fake log, showing route from Joyeuse to Enos.

Get 250,000 imperial credits and 100,000 grammarks.

Fly from Joyeuse to Gram to Excalibur to Orcrist to Base-212 to Enos. Fake log.

Enos is in the hands of a dust storm, trouble raising anyone on comms.

Unmanned port, out of water by King’s order as of the last few months. Have to get methane instead. Methane mining foreman, Jerry. Company LSP runs the mining, running for a year or so.

Young kids (serfs) at methane plant try to hijack ship, had killed real workers. I get shot (in the back). Capture two of the serfs, turn them over to portmaster Elgin. Leave the planet, despite Elgin’s request otherwise.

Ship smells bad. Needs a good air out. Medic is bothered.

Jump into Datrillian space. Plenty of military ships.

+5 character points.

The Story so far...

227-1120 (Imperial)

Roughly three months ago, crew members and other servicemen suffered severe, sudden, psychotic breakdowns within the Confederation Patrol and other branches of the Sword Worlds military. In most cases these breaks were violent and resulted in serious injury and loss of life. An initial investigation, generally undertaken by officers on each of the affected vessels or bases, revealed that these psychotic episodes followed prolonged ingestion of a seemingly mild amphetamine known as Fuzion.

Many NCOs were aware that Fuzion was being used by enlisted men, but it seemed fairly mild, and kept men awake and productive during long shifts. So, it was generally tolerated. However, over time a level of toxicity appears to build up, which eventually causes violent psychosis. Prolonged hospitalization is in order for those who reach this stage, and even so their prognosis is uncertain.

A purge of the service revealed that the Fuzion was manufactured in caplet form, and looks just like the common and mild analgesic known as Lodifin. Various heads rolled and the investigation reached dead end. While a few street level dealers were identified, the actual source of the narcotic remained uncertain and at large.

Three weeks after the initial episodes, a routine customs inspection by a Confed Patrol System Defense Boat (SDB) of the tramp freighter the Jovial Beggar revealed boxes containing tens of thousands of Lodifin caplets hidden behind a false partition. The crew put up a struggle, and, regrettably, all were killed when the atmosphere was evacuated by the freighter’s captain. The Jovial Beggar’s log was searched, and, since it only has Jump 1 capacity, it mainly traveled up and down Sword Worlds Main, venturing into the Border Worlds and back into Sword World space to trade. This, in itself, is the flight path of scores, if not hundreds, of tramp freighters which are limited to jumps of 1 parsec or less. Unless Fuzian was coming from the Border Worlds, a ship with better jump capabilities had to be bringing it.

A team was assembled under the leadership of Hunolfr Brafnson, and the ship was brought to the Confed Patrol base at Joyeuse. The ship’s “black box” was carefully analyzed by his team and one anomaly was noted. When the ship would refuel by skimming the gas giant Hekura, in the Joyeuse system, the refueling operation took twice as long as normal. When this data was more closely analyzed it is believed that the ship was dropping deeper into the atmosphere to rendezvous with an object within upper cloud layers of the gas giant.

Brafnson and his crew decided to take the Jovial Beggar to this object; the Jovial Beggar was chosen in case there was some sort of crew or recognition system was present. The flight through the atmosphere of Hekura was challenging, but a clear spot was found in the clouds and a 40 dton container was floating on gravity plates within this calm place in the clouds.

High in the clouds, the pressure was only slightly below one atmosphere, but the “air” was very cold as well as toxic, requiring the use of vacc-suits. The air/car on the Jovial Beggar brought them to a landing platform. The security system was defeated and they made their way inside what was, essentially, a small, floating warehouse. A secondary defense system in the form of a turret opened fire on any target that moved. This was dealt with and the container was searched and crates of Fuzion were found. A surveillance system was installed with uplinks to satellites, and an SDB waits in hiding for something to approach the container.

Brafnson’s crew returns to Thonlinn Base to see what their trap catches. His comrades decide to finish their tours and resign their commissions once reaching Thonlinn, leaving Brafnson to assemble a new team.


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