Weite - Breaking the Shackles

Session 1

Mission start

• Ordered to report to Brynn Avgrunn Base two parsecs edgeward (south) from Orcrist to Enos
• Ships are ordered to refuel & debark…. Without us
o Report to Oberst Jolveig Hattorsn
• Some civilian offices, however mostly military
o Intelligence branch Confederation Patrol
o Elderly, severe man. Well lined face, lean, one eye. Grey green eyes, thin lips
 Standing behind desk as we enter
Kjartan Jokullsn (physics guru)
• Background… blah blah blah
• Imperial education
o Swordworld sympathizer
o Moved to Sacnoth
o Missing… supposedly on sabbatical
o 9 months ago freighter (the princess josephine) leaving headed to ? Caladbolg then to Caliburn Enos The Princess Josephine is an Empress Marava Far Trader
 Someone looked like Jokullsn (Karl Ice) him on that ship
• Tall, rangy looking with passing resemblance
 Supposedly disembarked on one of the metal world
• Not likely Iron
• Not likely Bronze
• Possibly Steel
• Not likely Mithril
o Mission: Undercover assignment into Imperial Space to find Karl Ice, determine if he is in fact Dr. Jokullsn, if he is, convince him to return to the true sword worlds, or forcibly repatriate him
o While on Enos, contact Lt. Alric Tierrson (spook, lean, clean shaven, disturbing looking individual… homicidal) We have reactivation orders for him.
-Ted’s character DNA on file in borderworlds… could be an issue
o Given 250k imperial credits as currency to make our way to finish mission (credits divided amongst everyone equally)
 First leg to Enos provided on ship Eindride (return from Enos to Brin Avgrund)
 Equipment being provided (various)
 Request for additional information of situation on Enos (new queen)
• Evidence of Imperial influence
o New laws in place on Enos regarding weaponry
• Landed on dry dusty dark planet
o Paper registry has Princess Josephine landing 4 weeks ago
 On way to town(?) we were held up by 4 late teen/early 20 punks with single pistol
• Floki performed quick-draw and shot punk 3 times (once hand, one foot, one leg), but punk lived. Punk let us know that the Princess Josephine departed last week



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