Árni Skúlason


Árni Skúlason is a rather plain looking main, rather non descript in all possible manners, not particularly bright, physically mundane and honest to a fault. Having Dark Brown hair that is starting to grey is some parts that he keeps in perfect military cut, although commonly matted down in all manner of grease and debries from working on all manner of mechanisms.
The Career of Árni is equally as bland as his appearance, due to luck or fate it seems he was always assigned to a training mission or desk job at times of major conflict only seeing one meaningful engagement in his career and ground combat, where he served well, but unremarkable. Some view him as lucky, as he has avoided harm though troubling years. Others view him as unlucky, as an assignment with Árni, is probably going to be without incident, excitement or glory.

Having little in the way of material possession, Arni does have a rather extensive portfolio of self designed schematics of all kinds of items, from simple gadgets to entire starships. He is commonly seen with a tablet in hand, keeping note of ideas and designs he thinks of or encounters.

Always friendly, willing to help, and open to suggestion Arni isn’t jaded and has the optimistic views of the world common to young boys who haven’t lived through the terrors of the galaxy. These views can make him seem very gullible as he is overly trusting, seeing the best in people, even those he shouldn’t. He dreams of some day completing his designs and constructing “ the perfect ship “ if only he was stationed in one place or with one command long enough to establish himself.


Árni Skúlason

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