Baldur Ulrichson


Leutnant Baldur Ulrichson, also known as “Kampfsau”
Once an impressive specimen of man, even when compared to other members of his Sword World, his time in weightlessness has reduced his appearance to a more normal level. But be not fooled, underneath his new appearance waits the same fighter who has seen battles on more planets and at more locations than most people have even heard off.

The phrase, “When the going gets tough, the tough call the Kampfsau!”, was coined during 5th Frontier war.

He always dresses according to code when required. His hair always cropped. He prefers fatigues for functionality purposes. His face bears the marks of many hard won battles, in space, dirt side, or in bars.

He is always ready to go, a fearsome fighter and a loyal friend to the few who have earned that title.


Baldur Ulrichson

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