Jørgen Bærentson

"Lieutenant Jørgen Bærentson; hero of the Fifth Frontier War and able starship pilot."


Lt. Bærentson may be a good pilot — scratch that, IS a good pilot — but it’s easy to forget it when you see the scrawny shrimp of a man. While the creator didn’t grace him with beauty or brawn, the life on the frontier, brushes with death, and his aptitude for things technological have given him a quiet, understated confidence that suits him and gives him a bit more presence than is apparent at first glance.

Bærentson is remarkably short and light of build. His short blond hair may be cut to regulations, but as soon as the clippers leave the mop somehow stages a revolt and always ends up in a mess that bears little semblance to the PR folks’ idea of how the result should look. From a still photo one might think the man a weasel, but in person the thoughtful gaze of his gray-blue eyes and the deliberate way he moves quickly invalidates such thoughts. Perhaps a bit of a mystery, then, though if that’s ever suggested to him he’ll tell you the mystery is all in your own head and he’s nothing more or less than what you see.

His uniform and gear is in good shape. He’s been through enough that most everything is worn and well-used; while the spit and polish isn’t there, it’s hard to pick anything that doesn’t meet regulations.


Jørgen Bærentson

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