Aslan Hierate

The Aslan Hierate is the interstellar, multi-sector government of the many Aslan clans. Aslan society centers on the clan. Within the Hierate, the family structure of the Aslan and the governmental structure are the same. A council of twenty-nine clan leaders chosen from amongst the most powerful clans performs the highest governmental functions. The Trokh name for this council is Tlaukhu, which has a literal translation of thirty-five (Aslan numbering is in base-8, this is 29 in base-10).

“The 29” (as they are called) have quasi-religious status and represent the essential unity of the Aslan race. To be chosen one of the 29 is the highest honor to which any Aslan can aspire. The 29 meet continuously on the Aslan homeworld, Kusyu (Dark Nebula 1919) to adjudicate inter-clan disputes and decide matters of group policy. No member of the 29 speaks for the Hierate as a whole, nor does the whole 29.

There are no Hierate military forces; each clan has its own, and they rarely act in concert with those of other clans. The Hierate itself can call upon military forces only insofar as the clans themselves agree to provide such forces. Even the minor forces conveying the 29’s decisions are actually under the control of individual clan leaders.

A deep-seated territorial instinct causes the Aslan to have an inordinate (from a human standpoint) concern with land. For male Aslan, owning land is a major goal in life. An Aslan’s stature is determined by the amount of land he (or her husband) controls, or by the amount of land owned by any higher lord the Aslan may be vassal to. The lowest classes of Aslan are landless, and provide the farmers, laborers, craftsmen, and factory workers. A holder of a large territory will often grant authority over it to vassals (usually sons, brothers, or male relatives by marriage) who administer the land in his name. This instinctive thirst for land makes the Aslan, has a whole, aggressively expansionist with broadening borders over its long history. The Aslan have uneasy borders with their neighbors, and quickly take any vulnerable worlds.

Hierate is a Galanglic word derived from a Terran word for sacred, the early contactees mistaking the Aslan code of honor for a religion. The Aslan term for their empire is Htoifteirlakht, translated as “the bountful lands ruled by the lords of honor”.

Aslan Hierate

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