Florian League

League of worlds situated in the Trojan Reaches Sector and The Beyond Sectors. The Floriani began to expand from their homeworld Floria in -170. Contact with the Imperium followed in 185. The Florian League itself was formed in 506. The League is governed by a hierarchy of councils, where councillors are chosen from among the Barnai populace by lottery.

The Florian League is governed at various levels by randomly selected leaders. Staggered lotteries exist for each level of government — municipal, provincial, world, and League — and the winners must sit on government councils for a four-year term. Ten municipal districts form a province, and there are ten provinces to a world. After serving one term, all officials must retire from government and may never be entered in a Lottery again. This form of democracy prevents dictatorship and lust for power, and gives a safe, though constantly changing, government. Councilship (as it is called) is not open to Feskals.

The government is supported by a standard bureaucracy, which also administers the Floriani legal system. This legal system is similar to Imperial law, with a judge (from the bureaucracy) and a jury of five. However, there are no set crimes and punishments: unlike in the Imperium, where one attempts to discover whether a specific crime was committed, the Floriani system tries to determine if what was done constitutes a crime. As an example, in the Imperium, the court tries to ascertain if subject ‘A’ committed a murder; while in the Florian League, the court must decide whether the murder which ‘A’ committed was a crime, and should be punished.

The Floriani government also administers the Florian Mail service. This service runs Jump-4 mail boats (based on X-boat designs) which carry mail, packages, and information.

The League Military also falls under the government’s jurisdiction. Comprising some 80 ships, including cruisers, troop carriers, and SDB’s, and five divisions of troops, the Military is chiefly employed as a border patrol and defense network against Aslan raids.

Florian League

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