A human Minor Race native to Floria in the Trojan Reaches Sector, the Floriani are notable for their dimorphism. The ruling group, the Barnai, are short and weak, while the workforce is comprised of Feskals, large, muscular, and unintelligent. Other minor details of anatomy also set them apart from the rest of Humaniti.

Although accusations of slavery or exploitation might be voiced in Imperial society, the relationship between Barnai and Feskals is perfectly acceptable to both parties. High ethical standards combine with the stoic Floriani demeanor to foster cooperation and solidarity in defiance of physical differences.

The Floriani are also noteworthy for their unusual path of technological development. Highly advanced in the realms of transportation and weaponry, the Floriani are abnormally backward in the life sciences. Within the Florian League, the masses have odd notions toward technology, and all Floriani instinctively shy away from true research. Even creativity in the arts is a rarity.

The Floriani were contacted by the Aslan in -170, but the two races got along rather poorly. Some Aslan settled a few Florian worlds, but on the whole the relationship was very uneasy. In 185, they were contacted by the Imperium, and a neutral relationship began. In 430, the Floriani encountered human settlers from the Imperium and welcomed them into the League. In 506, they formed the Florian League, in order to unify their government and culture.

For 550 years, the League gradually grew, reaching its present size in 1054. At that time, one or two Aslan clans commenced raiding inside the League, and soon after the publication of the Imperial Second Survey, the League established a unified military and built bases on several worlds.


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