Noctocol is a poor, non-alligned world of the District-268 Subsector. The planet is the lone body orbiting one star, a large F2 Main Sequence star, in a binary star system. Several gas giants orbit the other star, an M2 red dwarf, and most passing through the system frontier refuel and skip Noctocol entirely.

Noctocol has an atmosphere high in inert gases and acidic elements that is impossible for most sophonts to breathe without the use of air tanks. This can be attributed to the fact that the planet is pocked with hundreds of active volcanoes that spout untold millions of tons of lava, dust and ash every year without fail. The planet is also prone to earthquakes, including massive events registering over 9.0 on the Richter scale that occur almost every year. Two even more massive, continent-splitting, 10.0+ earthquakes have occurred on Noctocol within recorded history. The planet’s oceans contain no water and instead consist primarily of acidic compounds in a liquid state. Not surprisingly, there are no native life-forms on the planet aside from a few exceptionally hardy single-celled species that feed off of minerals expelled from the substrata through thermal vents.

The inhabitants of Noctocol were accidental colonists who crash landed on the planet over three thousand years ago; prior to the Long Night. They remained on this isolated world until just over five hundred years ago when they were discovered by an Imperial survey ship. In that time they developed a society that was uniquely adapted to their harsh and unforgiving environment. Within a few generations, the colonists had lost all nuclear power capability and reverted to TL-6. Retreating underground to escape the caustic atmosphere, they generated power by tapping the dense network of geothermal vents created by Noctocol’s hyperactive vulcanism. Since radio, laser and maser communications proved impossible due to atmospheric distortion, the colonists depended instead upon buried landlines.

Due to the planet’s hostile environment, Noctocolian culture is strongly isolationist. The entire population lives in spacious underground cities whose residents rarely visit the surface — and can never glimpse the stars even when they do. Cities are generally separated by great distances because they can only be established in the planet’s rare regions of geological stability. At TL-6, it is effectively impossible to build aircraft capable of operating in Noctocol’s atmosphere, so all long-distance travel and trade is carried on subterranean electric railways at a top speed of only 160 kilometers an hour. Therefore, each major city is virtually a society unto itself, with distinctive customs, fashions, and linguistic variations, and their residents are decidedly parochial in outlook. Even visitors from other Noctocolian cities can seem somewhat foreign, and offworlders are seen as exotic and even bizarre by all but the few natives who routinely interact with them. The bulk of the population speaks only a greatly evolved and highly accented version of an archaic Solomani dialect that is mostly incomprehensible to speakers of Galanglic (25% words in common). Due to the anachronistic and peculiar culture, an accurate Control Rating is difficult to ascertain. A CR of 4 has been assigned.

Noctocol has a self-sufficient economy based upon hydroponic and greenhouse agriculture, and resource extraction by means of sub-surface mining and atmospheric and oceanic distillation. The planetary population’s basic needs are adequately addressed, but the average standard of living is low. Few can afford to buy offworld goods (mostly luxury foodstuffs from neighboring Tarkine but in any case Noctocol has little to offer in exchange for interstellar trade. This relative poverty is the principal reason why a Starport greater than Class I has not been constructed, though the population’s isolationist mindset has also been a major contributing factor. This contributes to why most interstellar traffic through the Noctocol system continues to bypass the planet and instead refuels at one of the two gas giants orbiting the secondary star.

The Noctocol system has been the location of some piracy. Ships from the Imperial Navy, as well as pro-Imperial Collace occasionally station ships in orbit around the gas giants to discourage piracy.


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