Astron Project

The Astron Project is an ambitious plan to refound the Sword Worlds, in much the same way as the original Sword Worlds were founded by the Gram, by launching a colonial expedition to the far flung Astron Sector. The Astron Sector is far outside known space, and has only been visited by remote surveillance probes, and that was centuries ago. The probes found a cluster of candidate worlds which should be capable of supporting a colonial venture. Some grainy, pixelated pictures of these worlds circulate among Astron Project members, and are used in promotional materials. Rather ambitiously, they have already been given names.

Project members realize that the Sword Worlds are weakening and fragmenting. System after system is being lost to its enemies either through military action (Fifth Frontier War, creation of the Border Worlds, etc…) or through the economic dominance of the Imperium (you saw some of this on Enos, where they preferred Imperial Credits, and Imperial chartered corporations, like LSP, were becoming big players there…) They realize that the only way the Sword Worlds, as an idea, will survive is if it is taken elsewhere; far from the Imperium, Darrians, and other forces that currently hedge them in. Perhaps you are not motivated by patriotism as much as by curiosity. No known person has been to the Astron Sector and seen its stars and planets. To pilot a ship into the unknown could well be very tempting. In any case, I would like you to accept that you are with the project, and are working semi-secretly towards it ends. The project is not secret, but while you are still an active member of the Confed Patrol, you need to keep a somewhat low profile.

The route, more or less, would be to go edgeward into the Trojan Reach, and then Spinward through The Beyond, Vanguard Reaches, etc, until you reach Astron.

Your “Project Missions” generally do not pose a conflict with any official duties, and are vague, at best, at this time.

The Project is looking for resources outside the Sword Worlds. They would like to use higher tech ships for the project. They would like at least TL 10, if not all the way to TL 12 for the mission. They imagine three star ships will be needed. 1) A colonial vessel of some sort; a large ship, able to contain thousands of low berth people, farm animals, equipment, etc. Likely a freighter of some sort, but probably needs to be at least Jump 2 if not more. 2) Some sort of well armed cruiser to act as an escort, but said cruiser probably needs more scientific equipment than a standard military model, so something suitable needs to be found, or a major refit is in order. 3) A survey / scout vessel of some sort to act as a trailblazer. Probably in the 100-300 dton range. Jump 3+ preferred. None of these ships will likely come armed, especially if purchased from Imperial surplus, so obtaining armaments will be another project, and problematic one at that.

Try to find, within District 268 or an adjoining subsector, at least neutral, if not pro-Sword World systems which can help assemble and equip the venture. You will need a Class V Starport to do this work.

And, try to recruit other capable people to join the project.

Astron Project

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