Caladbolg is an Imperial aligned world in the Sword Worlds subsector of the Spinward Marches. Caladbolg sits near the center of the system’s habitable zone has an ideal climate for human habitation. Its atmosphere is pure and ecological legislation is strict. The planet enjoys an active tourist trade and goes to great lengths to promote itself as a modern “Garden of Eden”. Much of its economy depends on either the tourist trade or the vast farmlands which cover many portions of the world’s surface.

Caladbolg, with a current population of roughly 70 million, was first colonized in -321. Over the centuries, the people of Caladbolg have developed an agricultural economy and supply important agricultural resources to many worlds in the Sword Worlds Subsector.

The citizens of Caladbolg are divided into 17 independent regions known as Colonies. Although there is a degree of competition between the Colonies, they have strong economic ties with each other and friction is minimal. There has never been a major war between them.

Planetary policy is established by the Colonial Congress which meets in an ongoing session in the jointly operated Camelot City, the planets only major population center. This body regulates any disputes between the Colonies that cannot be independently resolved. The System Defense Fleet, composed of citizens from each of the Colonies, answers directly to the Congress.

In addition to providing a meeting place for the Congress, Camelot City is home to the world’s only starport. Although this facility is small, it is a sophisticated, high-tech operation and is designated as Class IV.

The System Defense Fleet’s primary job is to defend Caladbolg from the asteroids in the Broken Stone belt. The Broken Stone belt is an unusually diffuse belt, with asteroids regularly crossing the orbit of Caladbolg.

Caladbolg is within a trinary star system. The main star, Matamon, is a Type F, and is orbited by two, distant Type M stars. The furthest is not visible to the naked eye. Each of those distant stars have rudimentary planetary systems which have not been charted or developed.


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