Darrian Confederation

An association of worlds inhabited primarily by members of the Darrian human minor race, settled during the period -1137 to -927. The Confederation, consisting of 21 worlds, lies spinward of the Sword Worlds in the Spinward Marches. The current capital is Mire.

The Darrian Confederation contains 18 worlds, all within the same subsector, and has a population of 17.19 billion. Darrians are Humans who have developed independently on Darrian. Some Solomani blood is evident as Solomani traders encountered Darrian in -1511 and provided them with sufficient technology to explore the subsector.

Compositionally, the Confederation consists of a blend of races: 20% Solomani, 8% Aslan, 12% assorted human races, and 60% Darrian.

The Darrian Confederation is an ally of the Imperium, and has been historically opposed to the Sword Worlds and the Zhodani Consulate. The Darrian Navy is used to ensure the safety of their territory.

Darrian Confederation

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