System Defense Boat

Commonly shortened to “SDB” a System Defense Boat is a small, heavily armed warship which defends a particular star system. They lack a Jump Drive, which means that the space and power normally dedicated to that drive can now be utilized by weapons systems or the maneuver drive, but cannot, on their own, jump out of system. Ton for ton, an SDB handily outguns and out maneuvers a starship of similar tonnage.

SDBs are typically stationed at the vital points of a system (the gas giants, the asteroid belt, the major world, and so on) and attack invading vessels according to one or more predetermined plans. They also commonly have customs assignments.

SDBs are not popular assignments for their crews. The quarters are typically cramped, Hot Bunking being the norm, with very few amenities.

A typical SDB in the Sword Worlds displaces between 300 and 600 tons. Other navies may commission SDBs of up to 5,000 dtons.

System Defense Boat

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